How To Create A Mobile App That Actually Makes Money

There are many programs of the sort, and you must choose the one that best suits your needs. Typically, a program involves advertising a specific application with the intent to get a fee. The white-label model is a great addition to any other monetization method and will help you increase the profitability of your project effortlessly. In its time, Uber succeeded in white-label monetization, and many companies still successfully use its on-demand model. You have to work hard to make the premium features really worth paying for.

How do free apps make money

These are advertisements that are integrated into the app layout, pretending to be the content that users are already consuming. They are almost indistinguishable and, therefore, show a high level of engagement. These ads appear during natural pauses of app usage and last seconds. However, on-screen text is vital with this ad approach, as many users turn their sound off. Fat Finger Report, their CTR is 2%, while for rich media ads, it’s 4%.

Sponsorship Model

As native advertising are considered by users to be as less irritating and intrusive, they get more popular revenue stream for app providers. Like a business, you need to have a strategy and goal before you start building an app. The best monetization model for you and your app might be different from the app monetization model from me and my own app. Some of the most successful apps make money by offering premium app content to make money. Others have a free app version and another version for paid apps. On top of that, some social media apps are collecting and selling your data to different companies.

It’s essential that the more users you attract, the more money you will get afterwards. The approach works well in news and social media apps, especially if they are for specific niches. As well as in event applications and directories, where you can find only the shops or restaurants of affiliated companies. Poor m-commerce experience in this mobile app world you need to have a user-freindly smartphone version of your business. These display ads are displayed in different sizes and at the top or bottom parts of the app screen.


Let’s look at something newer and promising to ensure your app monetizes and grows successfully. Demonstration of ads without taking into account the user data, too much advertising, untimely display, etc. Paid subscription is another popular app monetization option. Applications with internal purchases include all apps that are distributed at no cost but offer to make additional purchases when using the product. After understanding the revenue generation models it is imperative to clear the doubts on Android and iOS.

According to the Statistics Portal Statista, the revenue from free apps in 2017 will reach $37 billion, while the revenue from paid app downloads is going to be $29 billion. It happens because users prefer not to pay for the application but to get it for free. And some brainy entrepreneurs figured out how to make money from free apps. You can make money from a free app using the freemium model, which is similar to the subscription model.

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in mobile app development, you may be wondering how mobile apps generate revenue? This articlewill help you as we detail how to make an income with free mobile apps. This strategy is based on the freemium model, in which you provide users with access to your app for free but with limited features. After purchasing app upgrades, users can unlock additional premium features, advanced levels, or access to privileged content to allow much swifter and empowered user interaction. This works great not just for media projects – articles, music or video streaming apps but other types of applications can also adopt this method and make money off apps .

How To Choose The Best App Monetization Methods

He is responsible for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorships. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. Next to work, Shadow, his dog, immensely contributes to his happiness. Native ads- Already integrated ads for a particular brand, these advertisements usually are sponsored and the app is designed with keeping these ads in the mind. Furthermore, we are discussing how can apps make money even if they are available for free. So, stay with us until the end of this blog to find some informative discussion.

How do free apps make money

Your brand, characters, and quotes stay with people longer creating an emotional bond. App Store and Play store rankings improve as a result of longer user engagement. With this model, there is a risk of increased transparency, expensive fundraising, and it takes a lot of time to run a crowdfunding campaign, and even that might fail eventually. Then design a campaign page where the investors are given a comprehensive description of your app project. The consumers get some perks, like extra points, app currency, etc.) when they watch the video ad till the end.

Know Your Target Audience

The idea must be unique or should fill a vacuum that is left behind by existing popular apps in the same category. For example, when TikTok was bannedin India last summer, many short video apps came to fill the void. Or like despite having too many wallets, PayTM is the clear market leader as it was present in critical mass way before any other micro-payment app was. PayTM also offered person-to-person transfers before any other app could think of it, making it immensely popular. To have an easily monetizable app, you will require one which is accepted well by your users. You can ensure it by building a UI prototyping, and knowing what is app testing and its importance for the users.

Do not oversell by integrating too many monetization methods in the beginning. Too many third-party APIs will not only affect the navigation and security, but users may also get irritated. If you are offering an important and irreplaceable intermediary service, then you can charge a convenience fee or transaction fee from your customers.

How do free apps make money

Because every penny and every feature plays an important role in your business. Once you know this, you have a fair idea of ​​what the challenges are in your business. They are less expensive because they are not complicated compared to the paid ones. These apps are a great way to optimize your app on the App Store, to take advantage of great reviews.

After downloading a free app, the user receives a trial period, usually a month, to try your app. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible and discuss such apps that make money and how it is possible. The best example of this model is Chartboost and Playhaven. Both are third-party networks that have software that you install into your app.

So, that you strategize clearly about how to make money developing apps. To successfully earn online revenue through app monetization strategies, you need to study your target audience beforehand. In short, users should know the real value to make purchases.

And, as a result, get a possibility to consequently reach them with email notifications. It’s been a major year for OTT apps, proving that streaming apps aren’t just for movies and television shows anymore. But you can save time and moneyby creating an app through the BuildFire platform. The upgraded subscription comes with other bonus features like a location change, rewinds, and an experience without advertisements. So there’s definitely some money to be made here if you can sell advertising space on your app. It will increase the chances of getting more downloads, and you can make money through other sources.

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In March 2021, around 97 percent of the apps in the Google Play Store were free compared to 93 percent of the apps in the Apple App Store. Now the question is exactly how these large number of free apps name revenues? For instance, research shows that the top 200 mobile apps on the app store are roughly making $82,500/day.

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The main challenge is to maintain the right balance of app content and ads. You must ensure the ads are not too intrusive affecting the user experience and at the same time enabling you to earn enough revenue. Here you require to define your product and the value that it brings to the customers. This way, you can analyze the future traffic for your app to understand if the app can benefit from ads in it.

Consumable, Non-consumable, Auto-renewable subscription, Non-renewing subscriptions. Now if you think that it is paid apps that produce higher revenue, then you are wrong. If you’ll check the top-grossing apps in Google Play and App store, you will realize that it is free apps that racks up major chunk of revenue. Now that we’re done with all the information, it is time to sit back, relax and let all the quintessential information sink in. The in-app purchases again make a list with their trending presence in the free app money-making list.

How Do Free Apps Make Money Without Ads

Interestingly, the first banner ad was displayed back in 1994. So, let’s checkout and know how to make money off a free app. Apps generate a lot of data in terms of user behavior, which is highly desired by those who are indifferent research fields. Use our project cost estimator to get a cost estimate for your project based on start agency pricing and compare with our pricing to measure your savings. Honestly, I’d be including fluff here if I was to tell you anything about Uber that you don’t already know.

Sure, you’d prefer active users, but at the end of the day, it’s not going to be detrimental to your company. People download those apps so they can save money and receive discounts, not spend more money just to How Do Free Apps Make Money: Earn Money with Apps have the option of shopping. Their app allows users to complete the shopping and purchase process in just three steps. When you download the app, you’ll create a profile that securely saves your information.

Here the users have two taps to pick – either they can close the ad or check promoted content. Advertisement is the most obvious way to earn money with apps. Well, you cannot predict how much a free mobile app can earn per download. For instance; the top 100 apps can earn $50,000 while the best 500 apps can even earn $5000. There are several different ways to earn money from your app that you must explore and research on. Some of these ways might need you to charge your customers while others might not.

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Affiliate Marketing:

However, you’ll get your money only if the user believes that it’s worth it. You can also combine in-app purchases and subscriptions, or advertising and subscriptions. Such ads appear during natural pauses of app usage and last seconds.

All these user behavioral data is the most desired factor among various industries. This means app publishers can sell these data to researchers and make a good amount of money. A majority of apps can be downloaded for free from app stores. And, revenues generated by downloading apps are expected to decrease in the future. The basic features of an app are free but for an improved experience, the user can pay for extra ones. The trick is not to give away too much or too little in the free version.