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Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

A financial institution or designated payee may comply with the requirements of this section in various ways. For example, a payee may provide the consumer with two copies of a preauthorization form, and ask the consumer to sign and return one and to retain the second copy. The financial institution need not require a new authorization before changing from paper-based to electronic debiting when the existing authorization does not specify that debiting is to occur electronically or specifies that the debiting will occur by paper means. A new authorization also is not required when a successor institution begins collecting payments. A financial institution may use different methods of notice for various types or series of preauthorized transfers, and the institution need not offer consumers a choice of notice methods. An institution must make a good faith effort to provide all required information for foreign-initiated transfers. For example, even if the institution is not able to provide a specific terminal location, it should identify the country and city in which the transfer was initiated.

Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

Acknowledge receipt or reject all ISRs submitted by its subcontractors using eSRS. Costs avoided through the use of a comprehensive subcontracting plan.

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A fixed-price incentive contract for the acquisition of a commercial product or commercial service. The auditor shall send a copy of the estimating system survey report and a copy of the official notice of corrective action required to each contracting office and contract administration office having substantial business with that contractor. Significant deficiencies not corrected by the contractor shall be a consideration in subsequent proposal analyses and negotiations. When a program should-cost review is planned, the contracting officer should state this fact in the acquisition plan or acquisition plan updates (see subpart 7.1) and in the solicitation. The contracting officer determines that technical or cost risks justify Government review and approval of changes or additions to the make-or-buy program. If certified cost or pricing data were not required in the case of any price negotiation exceeding the certified cost or pricing data threshold, the exception used and the basis for it. The contracting officer shall establish prenegotiation objectives before the negotiation of any pricing action.

In the event of a retroactive wage adjustment, the Contractor or the Contracting Officer may request an equitable adjustment in the prices in this contract. Consider an adjustment in the contract schedule to the extent that replacement of the counterfeit or suspect counterfeit electronic parts caused a delay in performance.

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Final correction of the supplemental roll must be approved by the Board no later than the last Monday in August of the year following the year in which the supplemental roll was made. This correction must be received by the Tax Commission no later than September 15 of the year following the year which the roll is made. A person holding power of attorney may sign for the applicant; however, proof of such must be attached to his application each year. THE TAX ASSESSOR OR HIS DEPUTY MAY NOT SIGN FOR ANY APPLICANT UNLESS VESTED WITH POWER OF ATTORNEY. Form , Power of Attorney, can be used strictly for homestead exemption purposes. Once this form is completed, a copy may be attached to the current application. Property occupied by a family group where any part is used by anyone for business purposes except as stated in the above two paragraphs is not eligible for homestead exemption. Property occupied by a family group where any part is used as a gin, sawmill, store, gasoline station, repair shop, manufacturing or processing plant, hotel, motel, tourist court, apartment house with no more than two apartments, and the like are specifically ineligible for homestead exemption.

This is a Government notice, and shall not by itself be construed to impose any liability upon the Government or Government personnel for disclosure or use of data contained in this proposal. If, before agreement on price, the contracting officer learns that any certified cost or pricing data submitted are inaccurate, incomplete, or noncurrent, the contracting officer shall immediately bring the matter to the attention of the prospective contractor, whether the defective data increase or decrease the contract price.

Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

If the offeror answered in the affirmative in paragraph or of this provision, the offeror represents that it does does not have any direct financial interest as described in paragraph of this provision with respect to the system, subsystem, system of systems, or services described in this solicitation. The Government intends to furnish precious metals required in the manufacture of items to be delivered under the contract if the Contracting Officer determines it to be in the Government's best interest. The use of Government-furnished silver is mandatory when the quantity required is one hundred troy ounces or more. The precious metal will be furnished pursuant to the Government Furnished Property clause of the contract. At the conclusion of all applicable closeout requirements of Federal Acquisition Regulation 4.804, the Government and Contractor shall mutually agree on the residual dollar amount remaining on the contract. Both the Government and Contractor agree to waive payment of any residual dollar amount of $1,000 or less to which either party may be entitled at the time of contract closeout.

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Upon receipt of the statement, the Contracting Officer will compute the revised contract unit prices and modify the contract accordingly. No modification to this contract will be made pursuant to this clause until the Contracting Officer has verified the revised established price . The aggregate of the increases in any contract unit price under this contract shall not exceed ten percent of the original contract unit price. Each contract unit price shall be revised for each month in which delivery of supplies is required to be made. “Labor index” means the average straight time hourly earnings of the Contractor's employees in the ____________ shop of the Contractor's ________________ plant for any particular month.

The enterprise is responsible for ensuring unique serialization within the enterprise identifier or within the part, lot, or batch numbers, and that serial numbers, once assigned, are never used again. “Item type” means a coded representation of the description of the item being warranted, consisting of the codes C - component procured separate from end item, S - subassembly procured separate from end item or subassembly, E – embedded in component, subassembly or end item parent, and P – parent end item. “First use” means the initial or first-time use of a product by the Government. “Discipline Working Group,” as used in this clause, means representatives from the DoD Components, as defined in MIL-STD-3007F, who are responsible for the unification and maintenance of the Unified Facilities Criteria documents for a particular discipline area. The ACO and the PCO, if the subcontractor is aware of the ACO and the PCO for the contract. Notification of safety issues under this clause shall be considered neither an admission of responsibility nor a release of liability for the defect or its consequences. This clause does not affect any right of the Government or the Contractor established elsewhere in this contract.

If a service agreement contains a rental car provision, it must disclose the terms and conditions of this benefit in conspicuous, boldfaced type or disclose such restrictions or limitations in regular type in a section of the service agreement containing a conspicuous, boldfaced type heading. Each service agreement form must contain in conspicuous, boldfaced type any statement or clause that places restrictions or limitations on the benefits offered or disclose such restrictions or limitations in regular type in a section of the service agreement containing a conspicuous, boldfaced type heading. If the service agreement is canceled, pursuant to an order of liquidation, the salesperson or agent is responsible for refunding, and must refund, to the receiver the unearned pro rata commission. Does not fully disclose in boldfaced type the name, address, and license number of the service agreement company.

Ensuring a path to rehiring can relieve workers’ anxiety, which can bolster morale and increase consumer spending, thereby supporting economic recovery. On January 31, 2020, the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency based on the threat caused by the novel coronavirus, and, thereafter, the President of the United States issued the Proclamation Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak, beginning March 1, 2020.

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The Contractor will only be paid the contract price for supplies delivered and accepted, or services performed in accordance with the manner or performance set forth in this contract. Termination for Default If the Contractor fails to deliver supplies or to perform the services within the time specified in this contract or any extension or if the Contractor fails to comply with any other provisions of this contract, the may terminate this contract for default. The may terminate this contract, in whole or in part, at any time by written notice to the Contractor when it is in the Government's best interest. The Contractor shall be paid its costs, including contract close-out costs, and profit on work performed up to the time of termination.

Each employer shall post and maintain the notice in a conspicuous location at the place of employment where notices to employees and applicants for employment are customarily posted and read. The female employee who is pregnant must be allowed to use the leave before and after childbirth, miscarriage or other natural resolution of her pregnancy, if the leave is granted, accrued or allowed to accumulate as a part of her employment benefits. It is not an unlawful employment practice for an employer to take an action set forth in this section if the action is based upon a bona fide occupational qualification. Within 10 days after an employee notifies the employee’s immediate supervisor that the employee is pregnant.

Elimination Of Medicaid Drug Rebate Cap And Inclusion Of Covid

In contrast, if the consumer must take action each month to initiate a payment (such as by entering instructions on a touch-tone telephone or home computer), the payments are not preauthorized EFTs. A prepaid account that is not issued on a prepaid basis but is capable of being loaded with funds thereafter includes a prepaid card issued to a consumer with a zero balance to which funds may be loaded by the consumer or a third party subsequent to issuance. For purposes of this paragraph , the term pharmacy benefit manager or PBM means any entity that provides pharmacy benefit management on behalf of a health plan that manages prescription drug coverage. If manufacturer and plan behavior caused Part D net prices to increase in response to this rule, enrolled beneficiaries would have seen published premiums increase 22 percent ($5.11) and average cost-sharing under their benefits might have declined by 9 percent to 14 percent (−$5.22 to −$8.01). Government payments to plans for direct subsidies and subsidies for low income enrollees' premiums and cost-sharing would have increased and reinsurance payments would have decreased. There are significant differences in the assumptions the respective actuaries used to estimate stakeholder behavior. OACT predicts that while some current rebates will be retained by manufacturers, future price increases will be smaller and fewer.

Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

An account held under a custodial agreement that qualifies as a trust under the Internal Revenue Code, such as an individual retirement account, is considered to be held under a trust agreement for purposes of Regulation E. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is an independent agency created by the Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system.

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Include the incurred cost of deleted work already performed, using actuals incurred if possible, or, if actuals are not available, estimates from your accounting records. Attach a detailed inventory of work, materials, parts, components, and hardware Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses already purchased, manufactured, or performed and deleted by the change, indicating the cost and proposed disposition of each line item. Also, if you desire to retain these items or any portion of them, indicate the amount offered for them.

The Clean Water requirements apply to each contract and subcontract which exceeds $100,000. Energy Conservation - The contractor agrees to comply with mandatory standards and policies relating to energy efficiency which are contained in the state energy conservation plan issued in compliance with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act.

There is no prescribed terminology for describing a type of transfer. Placement of the amount of the transfer in the debit or the credit column is sufficient if other information on the statement, such as a terminal location or third-party name, enables the consumer to identify the type of transfer.

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Until the ACFR grants it official status, the XML rendition of the daily Federal Register on FederalRegister.gov does not provide legal notice to the public or judicial notice to the courts. The most prominent mechanism for dispute resolution is adjudication in a court of law. This process tends to be expensive and time consuming since it involves legal representation and waiting in queues of cases for available court times. https://accountingcoaching.online/ In adjudication, the dispute is decided by a neutral, third party with no necessary specialized expertise in the disputed subject. After all, it is not a prerequisite for judges to be familiar with construction procedures! Legal procedures are highly structured with rigid, formal rules for presentations and fact finding. On the positive side, legal adjudication strives for consistency and predictability of results.

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The agencies expect supervised institutions to make good faith efforts to implement the new accounting standard in a sound and reasonable manner. After the effective date of CECL, the agencies will assess the implementation of the accounting standard and consider the need to issue additional supervisory guidance to aid in the development of practices for the sound application of the standard. Although the measurement of credit loss allowances is changing under CECL, the FASB's new accounting standard does not address when a financial asset should be placed in nonaccrual status. In addition, the FASB retained the existing write-off guidance in U.S. GAAP, which requires an institution to write off a financial asset in the period the asset is deemed uncollectible.